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If you’re dealing with damaged or corroded pipes, trenchless pipe lining may be the answer to your problem. With this innovative technique, there’s no need to dig up your yard or property, causing costly and time-consuming disruptions. All Time Plumbing and Drains is your go-to plumbing company for trenchless pipe lining in Phoenix and Mesa area, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced professionals utilize advanced equipment and techniques to repair and replace your pipes, leaving your property clean and intact. We stand behind everything we do with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us today at (602) 679-9080 to schedule a service appointment.

What is Trenchless Pipe Lining?

Trenchless pipe lining is a minimally invasive technique of repairing damaged pipes without the need for excavation. This sewer pipe repair method entails inserting a flexible tube coated with epoxy resin into the damaged pipe. Once in place, the tube is inflated, causing the resin to adhere to the interior of the damaged pipe. After the resin cures, a new, seamless pipe is formed inside the old one, effectively repairing the damaged pipe.

Our Trenchless Pipe Lining Process

When you hire us for Trenchless Pipe Lining, our team will follow the steps below to ensure the job is done right the first time:

Step 1: Initial Inspection

Our plumbers will first perform a thorough inspection of the affected pipe using our video inspection cameras. This will help us to identify the location and extent of the damage or corrosion that needs to be addressed.

Step 2: Cleaning the Pipe

We will then use our high-pressure hydro jetting system to clean the inside of the pipe, removing any debris or buildup that could hinder the lining process.

Step 3: Inserting the Liner

Once the pipe is clean and dry, we will insert a liner into the pipe. This liner is made of a flexible material that is coated with a special resin.

Step 4: Inflation & Curing

Our plumber will inflate the liner to mold it to the inside of the existing pipe, using air or water pressure. This process will create a new, seamless pipe within the existing pipe. The liner is then cured in place, using hot water or steam to activate the resin and harden it into a strong, durable material.

Step 5: Final Inspection and Restoration

Once the lining is fully cured, we will perform another video camera inspection to ensure that the lining is properly installed and there are no leaks or other issues.
Lastly, our plumbers repair and restore any access points or entryways made for the installation process to their original state and leave your property looking as good as new.

Traditional Pipe Replacement vs. Trenchless Pipelining: What’s the Best Option for Repairing Pipes?

Trenchless pipe lining offers several benefits over traditional pipe replacement methods. Here are some of the advantages of opting for trenchless pipe lining:
Traditional pipe replacement methods require digging trenches to access and replace the damaged pipes. This process can be costly, time-consuming, and disruptive to your property. With trenchless pipe lining, only a small access hole is needed to insert the liner, minimizing any digging or excavation needed.
Trenchless pipe lining is often more cost-effective than traditional pipe replacement methods. By minimizing the amount of digging and labor required, you can save on the overall cost of the repair.
The epoxy resin used in trenchless pipe lining creates a new, seamless pipe inside the old one, effectively repairing any damage. This new pipe is highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion.
Traditional pipe replacement methods can take several days or even weeks to complete, causing significant disruptions to your daily life. Trenchless pipe lining, on the other hand, can be completed in a matter of hours, allowing you to get back to your normal routine sooner.
Trenchless pipe lining is a more environmentally friendly solution than traditional pipe replacement methods. With minimal digging and excavation, there’s less disturbance to the soil and vegetation, reducing the environmental impact.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trenchless Pipe Lining

Trenchless pipe lining can last up to 50 years or more, depending on the quality of materials used and how well it is installed. It provides a long-lasting solution to pipe damage, without the need for excavation and replacement.
While trenchless pipe lining may cost more upfront, it is often more cost-effective in the long run. This is because it eliminates the need for excavation and replacement, which can be time-consuming and costly. It also minimizes disruption to your property and reduces the need for restoration work.
Trenchless pipe lining can be used for a variety of pipe materials, including cast iron, PVC, clay, and concrete. However, it may not be suitable for severely damaged or collapsed pipes. A professional plumber can evaluate your pipes and recommend the best course of action.
The duration of a trenchless pipe lining project depends on the size of the pipes being repaired and the extent of the damage. However, it is typically faster than traditional excavation and replacement methods. In most cases, trenchless pipe lining can be completed within a day or two, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

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Trenchless pipe lining is a reliable and efficient solution for repairing damaged or corroded pipes. If you’re experiencing issues with your pipes, contact All Time Plumbing and Drains for trenchless pipe lining in Phoenix and Mesa area, and the surrounding areas. We are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to provide you with the best possible service. Give us a call today at (602) 679-9080 to schedule a service appointment.



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