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If you’re experiencing slow drains or backups in your tub, shower, or toilet, don’t let it frustrate you any longer. At All Time Plumbing and Drains, we provide professional drain cleaning services that deliver the solution you need. Our experienced team of plumbing and drain cleaning professionals has the expertise and equipment to quickly and effectively diagnose and repair even the toughest drain issues. When you call us, you can rest assured that we’ll arrive promptly and get right to work, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine. If you’re in need of reliable drain cleaning services in Phoenix and Mesa area, and surrounding areas, call us today at (602) 679-9080 to experience the difference our services can make for you.

Types of Drains We Clean

At All Time Plumbing and Drains, we offer comprehensive drain cleaning services to meet all your needs. Our team of skilled plumbers is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and techniques to ensure your drains are clean and clear.
We specialize in cleaning all types of drains, including:

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen drains are prone to clogs from food scraps, grease, and oil. Our team of experts can quickly diagnose and remove any blockages, ensuring that your kitchen sink drains quickly and efficiently.

Bathroom Drains

Bathroom drains are susceptible to clogs from hair, soap scum, and toothpaste. Our professional plumbers can remove any buildup and leave your shower, tub, or sink draining smoothly again.

Floor Drains

Floor drains are common in basements, garages, and laundry rooms, and can be prone to clogs from dirt, debris, and other objects. Our experienced plumbers can remove any blockages and prevent future clogs from occurring.

Sewer Drains

Sewer drains are the main line that carries waste from your home to the city’s sewage system. Over time, sewer drains can accumulate buildup, leading to clogs and backups. Our team has the expertise and equipment to safely clean your sewer line, restoring proper flow and preventing future problems.
At All Time Plumbing and Drains, we take pride in our ability to clean all types of drains quickly and efficiently. If you’re experiencing slow drainage or clogs in any of your home’s drains, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our team is available 24/7 to provide the drain cleaning services you need to keep your home running smoothly.

4 Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Blocked drains can be a major inconvenience and can disrupt your daily life. Knowing what can cause a clogged drain can help you prevent it from happening. The following are common substances that can create blockages in your drains:
  • Hair: Hair is the number one culprit when it comes to clogged bathroom drains. Fortunately, hair catchers are affordable and easy to install, which can prevent hair from accumulating in your drains.
  • Cotton and hygiene products: Even if a product is labeled as “flushable,” you should dispose of it in the garbage can to avoid clogs. Cotton products, in particular, swell in size when exposed to water and can quickly cause a serious blockage.
  • Food waste: Items such as starch, coffee grounds, eggshells, bones, celery, fruit pits, and potato peels should never be thrown down the drain. Instead, throw these items in the trash to prevent clogs.
At All Time Plumbing and Drains, we have the necessary tools and experience to provide a fast and efficient solution to your clogged drain problems. Contact us today and experience fast-flowing drains again.

How Do I Know My Drains Need Professional Cleaning?

If you’re like most homeowners, you may not think about your drains until they start to cause problems. By the time you notice slow draining or a foul odor, your pipes may already be partially blocked. Here are some signs that it’s time to call in a professional drain cleaning service:
  • Slow Draining: If you notice that water is taking longer to drain out of your sinks, shower, or bathtub, this is a sure sign that your drains are clogged. You may also hear gurgling sounds coming from your pipes, which indicates that air is trapped in the system.
  • Foul Odors: Unpleasant smells emanating from your drains are a sign of buildup and bacteria growth. This can be caused by food debris, hair, soap scum, and other materials that have accumulated in your pipes over time.
  • Recurring Clogs: If you find that you’re constantly using a plunger to unclog your drains, this is a sign that the problem is more than just a simple blockage. Recurring clogs can indicate a deeper problem that requires professional attention.
  • Backups: When wastewater backs up into your sinks, shower, or bathtub, this is a serious sign of a clog or blockage. This can cause water damage, mold growth, and even health hazards if left untreated.
  • Strange Noises: If you hear gurgling or bubbling sounds coming from your drains, this could indicate that there is air trapped in your pipes. This can be caused by a clog or blockage that needs to be professionally cleared.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning

While there are many DIY drain cleaning methods out there, it’s generally not recommended to try to clean your drains yourself. Many home remedies and store-bought drain cleaners can be harsh and damaging to your pipes, and may not effectively clear blockages. Professional drain cleaning services use specialized equipment and techniques to safely and effectively clean your drains.
The frequency of drain cleaning depends on a number of factors, including the age and condition of your pipes, the number of people in your household, and the amount of use your drains get. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to have your drains professionally cleaned every 1-2 years to prevent buildup and keep them flowing smoothly.
Professional drain cleaning offers a number of benefits, including improved drainage, reduced risk of clogs and backups, and increased lifespan of your plumbing system. Additionally, professional drain cleaning can help detect and address underlying issues with your pipes before they become more serious and costly to fix.
To prevent clogs in the future, it’s important to avoid putting anything other than water, human waste, and toilet paper down your drains. Additionally, you can use drain covers and hair catchers to prevent hair and other debris from entering your pipes, and avoid pouring grease and other cooking oils down your kitchen sink. Regular professional drain cleaning can also help prevent future clogs and keep your plumbing system in good working order.

We’re Ready To Help!

If you notice any of these signs, it’s important to call a professional drain cleaning service to diagnose and fix the problem. Don’t wait until the problem gets worse and causes costly damage to your home; call the pros at All Time Plumbing and Drains today. Our plumbers will ensure that your drains are flowing properly and prevent future issues from occurring.

Only valid through a ground level sewer clean out or wall clean out up to 3’ foot on the wall.

30 day warranty as long as no roots or excess debris in line or abuse to line after line is cleared.



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